Many Chambers offer Certificate(s) of Origin, that is, a document used to assure the buying country precisely in which country goods were produced. The Certificate of Origin of the merchandise is usually performed by a recognized Chamber of Commerce.

Because of the potential liability when engaged in providing Certificate(s) of Origin to the public, the Board of Directors of the Manteno Chamber of Commerce adopted the following procedures:

  1. Any exporter seeking services from the MCC must have completed the Manteno Chamber Registration Form and must be signed by an authorized representative of the exporter. The MCC will not issue a certificate of origin for any non-MCC member who doesn’t have a physical presence in Kankakee County.
  1. Procedure: Exporters will be required to sign an agreement indemnifying the MCC against litigation or threatened litigation relating to Certificate(s) of Origin. In addition, proof of insurance coverage of a minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) listing the MCC as additional insured will be required.
  1. Service Fee Schedule: The service fee for the MCC members is $10.00 for the first certificate and thereafter no fee shall be charged per certificate. The fee for non-members is $100.00 for the first certificate and $10.00 thereafter per certificate.
  1. The following disclaimer must be typed on the Certificate of Origin:

“The Manteno Chamber of Commerce, in reliance on the exporter’s representation and not on the basis of independent verification, states that to the best of it’s knowledge and belief, the products named in this document originated in the United States of America.”

  1. All Certificate(s) of Origin must be fully completed and have shown to met all above criteria before being certified by the Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Upon completion of all of the above, the processing time for Certificate(s) will be 24 hours.